Sound sculpture for group exhibition 'The Guest' in Rom8, Borealis Festival, Bergen, Norway (2017)

The creaks, groans and knocks that the etching press makes show the imprint in the etching press itself, after many printings over many years of use. I wheeled the etching-press-bed back and forth for forty minutes, while recording the sound it makes with contact microphones. This was played through a floating plinth with an etching-press-felt resting on top, via contact speakers (transducers). This caused it to vibrate, as if the object was emitting the sound itself with a ghostly presence.

Please contact me if you would like to hear an excerpt of the recording.

Image: (1) sculptural element (wood, felt, l130cm x w100cm x h20cm), through which the sound-ghost of the etching press was played with transducer speakers

photo: Floriane Grosset
: photo: Floriane Grosset