A thing done and who did it
Mediation performance for ART + FOLK exhibition (collaborating with Kunstguide) at Bergen Messe, Grieghallen, Norway (2018)

The title references the first written record or precursor to the parlour game ‘consequences’. In the play Cynthia's Revels, written by the english playwright Benjamin Jonson, it was first performed in the year 1600. Similar to the Surrealist drawing game ‘exquisite corpse’ (except with words), participants take turns to write sentences to form a narrative from multiple perspectives. According to the Oxford Guide to Word Games, the original questions used to prompt players to write and structure this narrative game were:

A thing done?
Who did it?
With what was it done?
Where was it done?
When was it done?
For what cause was it done?
What followed upon the doing of it?
Who would have done it better?

I slightly reworded these questions to mediate the exhibition as a game between pairs of visitors, around artworks of their choice.

Images: (1-6) scans from a selection of the resulting fictions produced by participants